Ammonia Assay, Catalog: MA-0125


100 wells, Colorimetric, OD 570 nm 

MA 0125 Ammonia Assay DS
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MA 0125 SDS
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Catalog MA-0125

Size 100 wells

Sample Type Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate, Tissue Lysate, Urine, Other biological fluids

Species All

Method of Detection Colorimetric, OD 570 nm 

Assay Type Quantitative

Application A plate based colorimetric assay for the accurate determination of ammonia below 1 nmol per well.

Sensitivity 20 µM

Storage Conditions -20°C

Shipping Temperature Gel Pack

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery



Ammonia is the primary central source of nitrogen for living systems. Ammonia is both a metabolic product and a necessary enzyme substrate for a wide range of reactions. It is created through nitrogen fixation or amino acid deamidation. It’s one of the primary contributors to acid/base balance. AkrivisBio’s Ammonia Assay provides a simple, sensitive procedure for the accurate determination of ammonia below 1 nmol per well. In the assay, Glutamate dehydrogenase converts NADH in the presence of ammonia plus α-ketoglutarate to NAD which is used to convert lactate to pyruvate. The pyruvate is oxidized forming hydrogen peroxide which is used by peroxidase to convert ADHP to resorufin with intense color (OD 570 nm).