Cell Proliferation and Toxicity Assays

Cell cytotoxicity and proliferation assays are used to investigate the effect of test compounds on cell proliferation and viability used in fundamental research and drug discovery. Cytotoxic compounds cause cell damage and death and cytotoxicity assays are used to screen for toxic compounds. AkrivisBio offers multiple cell cytotoxicity and proliferation assays including MTT, MTS and LDH used in drug screening. AkrivisBio kits are simple, efficient, easy to use and are compatible with multiple sample types. Cell Proliferation and Toxicity Assays

Metabolic Assays

Metabolism is defined as the combination of all the chemical processes, which converts food into energy on a cellular level thereby allowing an organism to sustain life. However, a disruption in these processes can lead to either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. A defect in metabolic pathways has been linked to obesity, diabetes, phenylketonuria, cancer, neurodegeneration etc. Metabolic disorders are complex and can be either due to nutritional deficiencies, a missing enzyme or vitamin that is necessary for an important chemical reaction, a disease in organs such as liver, pancreas etc, involved in metabolism, or due to any abnormal chemical reactions that hinder metabolic processes.

AkrivisBio offers numerous metabolism assay kits for the quantification of metabolites, analytes and intermediates of multiple metabolic pathways including carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, amino acid synthesis etc. to facilitate your biological research. Our kits are precise, rapid and easy to use. They are suitable for a variety of sample types and are compatible with easily available detection instruments including microplate reader, fluorescence microplate reader and spectrophotometer. AkrivisBio Kits are sold across multiple countries around the world for purchase or can also be purchased online. Metabolic Assays

Sample Isolation and Preparation Kits

AkrivsiBio offers multiple sample isolation and preparation kits. This includes organelle kits for the isolation and enrichment of organelles including mitochondria, lysosome and more; cell fractionation kits for the isolation of nucleus, cytoplasm, cell surface proteins and more; TCA, PCA, and SSA deproteinizing kits for the removal of proteins from samples prior to analysis and others. AkrivisBio kits are convenient, efficient and offer a rapid way for sample isolation and preparation. The isolated samples are compatible with various downstream applications such as western blotting, and other functional studies. Sample Isolation and Preparation Kits

Staining Kits

Staining kits are commonly used to visualize specific cellular components or structures, such as DNA, proteins, lipids, organelles, or specific cellular markers. These kits typically include specific dyes or antibodies that selectively bind to the target molecules, allowing researchers to observe and analyze them under a microscope or through other detection methods. AkrivisBio offers numerous staining kits for research use including lipid staining kit, cell viability and cytotoxicity staining kit and β-galactosidase staining kit. Staining Kits