Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit, Catalog: PI-0104

PI-0104 Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit DS
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PI 0104 SDS
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Catalog PI-0104

Size: 50 Preparations

Sample Type Cells

Assay Type Qualitative

Application To isolate intact plasma membrane from mammalian cells.

Storage Conditions -20°C

Shipping Temperature Gel Pack

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery


The Plasma Membrane proteins are a group of specialized proteins involved in transport, cell signaling and cell adhesion, recognition and communication. The low abundance of these proteins makes their study challenging. AkrivisBio’s Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit provides optimized reagents in a two phase extraction system for the effective isolation of the plasma membrane from the other cellular membranes based on differential affinity towards polyethylene glycol and dextran. The plasma membrane selectively enters the upper PEG rich phase while the other membranes are found in the lower dextran rich phase.