Glycogen Assay II, Catalog: MA-0136

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100 wells, Colorimetric, OD 450 nm

MA-0136 Glycogen Assay II DS
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Catalog MA-0136

Size 100 wells

Sample Type  Cell Lysate, Tissue Extracts, Urine, Serum, Other biological fluids

Species All

Method of Detection Colorimetric, OD 450 nm

Assay Type Quantitative

Application  A plate based colorimetric assay to measure glycogen levels in biological samples.

Sensitivity <2 μg/mg tissue or cell pellet

Storage Conditions  -20°C

Shipping Temperature Gel Pack

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery


Glycogen is a polysaccharide that serves as a storage form of glucose in cells, particularly in liver and muscle tissues. Metabolic abnormalities of glycogen metabolism, referred to as glycogen storage diseases, include Von Gierke disease, Pompe disease and Cori disease. AkrivisBio’s Glycogen Assay II provides a simple, sensitive method of measuring glycogen levels in biological materials. In the assay, glycogen is hydrolyzed to glucose, which is oxidized to form NADH. The NADH formed then reduces nearly colorless tetrazolium to a highly colored formazan measured at OD 450 nm. The Glycogen Assay II is valuable in various research areas, including glycogen metabolism, energy balance, and glycogen-related disorders.