Trypsin Activity Assay, Catalog: MA-0128


100 wells, Colorimetric, OD 405 nm

MA 0128 DS
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Catalog MA-0128

Size 100 wells

Sample Type Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate, Tissue Extracts, Urine, Cell Culture Media

Species All

Method of Detection Colorimetric, OD 405 nm

Assay Type Quantitative

Application A plate based colorimetric assay to quantify Trypsin activity in a wide range of samples.

Sensitivity 0.05-0.1 mU

Storage Conditions 4°C

Shipping Temperature Gel Pack

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery



Trypsin is a serine protease that plays a crucial role in protein digestion and various other biological processes. It is produced in the pancreas in an inactive proenzyme form and then secreted into the small intestine where the proenzyme is activated by enterokinase. AkrivisBio’s Trypsin Assay is a kinetic assay for the quantification of trypsin activity in a wide range of samples. In the assay, trypsin cleaves a trypsin substrate (GPK-pNA) to generate p-nitroaniline, which is detected at OD 405 nm. The intensity of the color is proportional to the p-nitroaniline content, trypsin activity. The kit can detect trypsin activity as low as 0.05 - 0.1 mU per sample.