Sample Deproteinizing Kit (PCA), Catalog: PI-0103

PI 0103 DS
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PI 0103 SDS
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Catalog PI-0103

Size Sufficient for 200 samples

Sample Type Cell Lysate, Tissue Extracts, Serum, Urine

Species Non specific

Assay Type Qualitative

Application To remove proteins from various sample types.

Storage Conditions Room Temperature

Shipping Temperature Room Temperature

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery


It is a fundamental requirement in biochemistry and related fields to be able to remove those constituents of the sample under investigation which will interfere with analysis in any of several ways, both physical and chemical. When the analyte in question is a small molecule, the presence of macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates can seriously impair analysis. Proteins are usually removed by precipitation using one of several chemicals including acetone, perchloric acid (PCA), metaphosphoric acid, sulfosalicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid. PCA is a strong acid commonly used for protein precipitation and removal in biological samples. AkrivisBio’s Deproteinizing Sample Preparation Kit utilizes a PCA precipitation method, providing a unique tool to prepare samples for the analysis of a variety of small molecules such as lipids, metabolites etc.