Lipid Extraction Kit, Catalog: PI-0101

PI 0101 DS
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PI 0101 SDS
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Catalog PI-0101

Size: Includes reagents for 50 extractions

Sample Type Plasma, Serum, Cells, Tissues

Species Non specific

Assay Type Qualitative

Application To extract lipids from various sample types.

Sensitivity 1 mg sample should recover up to 80 μg of lipid

Storage Conditions Room Temperature

Shipping Temperature Room Temperature

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery


One of the largest most diverse subset of molecules found in living systems are the lipids. This includes various fats, sterols, mono-, di- and tri-glycerides and phospholipids. While typically viewed as primarily a structural element of the cell (and subcellular) membranes, lipids are also important as a source of energy and in signaling. AkrivisBio’s Lipid Extraction Kit provides an easy, efficient method for preparing lipid extracts on a small scale from various sample types. One isolation using 1 mg of sample should recover up to 80 μg of lipid. The assay uses hexane and methanol for extracting almost all lipid types with high efficiency.