LDH Based Cell Cytotoxicity Assay, Catalog: CPT-0101

CPT 0101 DS
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CPT 0101 SDS
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Catalog CPT-0101

Size Includes reagents for 500 wells

Sample Type Cells

Species Non specific

Method of Detection Colorimetric, OD 450 nm

Assay Type Quantitative

Application For the detection of LDH released from damaged cells.

Range 20000-100000 cells/100 µl in wells of a 96-well plate

Storage Conditions 4°C

Shipping Temperature Gel Pack

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery


Cell death or cytotoxicity is classically evaluated by assessing the degree of plasma membrane damage. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is an intracellular enzyme that is released into the extracellular medium upon cellular damage or lysis, making it a useful indicator of cytotoxic effects. AkrivisBio’s LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit is used to assess cell membrane integrity and measure cell death or cytotoxicity. The assay utilizes WST, a tetrazolium detection reagent to give a fast, highly sensitive measure of LDH release from damaged cells. The intensity of color correlates directly with the number of damaged cells.