Oil Red O Lipid Staining Kit, Catalog: COS-0101

COS 0101 DS
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Product Name Oil Red O Lipid Staining Kit

Catalog COS-0101

Size To stain two plates (6- 12-, 24- or 96-well) or five 100 mm culture dishes

Sample Type  Cultured cells

Species All

Method of Detection Light Microscopy

Assay Type Qualitative

Application To visualize lipid accumulation in cultured cells under a microscope.

Storage Conditions Room Temperature

Shipping Temperature Room Temperature

Shelf Life One year from the date of delivery



Cellular lipids are usually found in the membranes of the cell and its organelles. In those cells where lipid is stored for energy production or as source for more complex structures, it is most often seen as droplets consisting primarily of triglycerides although other neutral lipids may be present. Differentiation of adipocytes into mature cells involves a dramatic accumulation of lipid droplets. There are a number of lipid storage diseases (Gaucher’s, Niemann-Pick, Fabry’s, etc.) where the accumulation of excess lipids can cause severe pathology. Oil Red O is a lipid-soluble azo dye which preferentially stains neutral lipids red so is ideal for visualization of neutral lipid accumulations. The AkrivisBio Oil Red O Lipid Staining Kit which also includes hematoxylin to counterstain nuclei blue, is an easy, inexpensive way to qualitatively visualize lipid accumulations in cells grown in cell culture under a microscope. The kit provides enough materials to stain two plates (6- 12-, 24- or 96-well) or five 100 mm culture dishes.